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In a world that idolizes celebrities, gurus, athletes, fashion, the latest trends, technology, media and more, it is our goal to highlight human beings who are sharing their unique, incredible, soul's purpose and service in the world.

While they may not have the biggest following, these courageous beings are making an incredible impact in the world. Creating energetic ripples that will collectively serve to move mountains and reshape the future of humanity on this planet.

We hope to encourage and inspire more people to reconnect with their unique gifts; step into their True Soul's Calling; take actions to serve humanity; and be a way-shower at this pivotal time in history and herstory.

FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2021


Esther Bailey-Bass |

Esther Bailey-Bass, founder and principal of EBB 'n Flow Lifestyle | Leadership Coaching & Consulting, is an experienced and accredited Life & Leadership Coach, Healer, Circle Facilitator, Trainer, and Inspirational Speaker. Before journeying onto the path of coaching, Circle process work and facilitation, Esther spent nearly 25 years in print and non-profit media as a sales, marketing and fundraising professional all while serving on numerous non-profit boards honing her leadership skills. In 2012, Esther began her journey into coaching which immediately transformed her life and unveiled her true purpose to help others to (RE)member, (RE)connect, and (RE)claim their brilliance and to unapologetically lead from the inside/out. Esther believes that love is at the center of all leadership and uses love energy to inform her work.

After leaving an 18 year career in public media she founded EBB 'n Flow Lifestyle | Leadership Coaching & Consulting where she, as the EBB 'n Flow Coach, focuses on professional and executive women leaders, particularly Black women and women of color, who have been silenced and sidelined. A natural born leader herself, and influencer she often challenged the status quo and found herself unsupported, pigeon-holed and marginalized as a leader. Her potential was stifled by those who had the authority and influence to mentor and sponsor her. It took her nearly 3 years before she gained clarity and understanding from the harm and trauma she experienced during her 18 year career. Empowered with a new vision, greater sense of purpose, more knowledge and wisdom Esther is bringing this work to the forefront. She's focusing on the untold stories of women leaders who have silently suffered the trauma of being sidelined and to help them creatively express their stories, (RE)align with their values, heal their voices, determine their purpose and define their mission. Esther is a self-proclaimed champion for the underdog, overlooked and underserved natural born leaders, women of color, who are leaders by title but silenced and sidelined within their organizations. Available for private, one-to-one sessions or group coaching. Connect with Esther: Email | Website |

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021


Laura Lee |

Laura is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and certified master level transformational life coach. She stands for all women everywhere ditching “should’s” and shame, and choosing instead to tap into the call of their heart, reclaim lost energy, and unearth the passions that make them truly shine. She shares her intuitive wisdom and light with women as a transformational life coach, through her writing, speaking, and leading group programs and retreats for women. As a breathwork guide and facilitator, she shares Conscious Connected Breathwork or “Rebirthing Breathwork” with her clients and uses this incredibly healing modality to help women heal, release and move emotional toxins, stuck shame and deep soul wounds out the body. She holds a safe and sacred space for healing and leads women into the depths of their desires and the wounds that keep them striving and struggling, to healing and wholeness on the other side. She believes all women possess a divine soul purpose.

Her greatest joy and purpose is to help women uncover and reclaim the divine soul assignment that they are being called to and support and guide them home to their truest selves every step of the way. Laura recently moved to Franklin, TN from Los Angeles and lives with her husband and 3 boys. She is a lover of the natural world finding inspiration and magic in the tiniest details of life.

Connect with Laura: Website | Facebook | Instagram |



Lezlie Knight |

Born and raised in Huntingdon, TN, Lezlie received her Bachelor's Degree from the Tennessee State University. Lezlie is currently working as a Registered Behavior Therapist for adults and children. Growing up in a musical household exposed her to all types of music. Working in the school system as a teacher and behavioral coach has allowed Lezlie to see the influence music has on children of all ages. She aspire to use music as a means to help children and adults learn their worth and to preserve wholistic growth and development. Music and poetic expression promotes optimism. Lezlie makes creative content on social media to share music, song-writing and to share her passion and love with others.


Connect with Lezlie: Email | Facebook | Lezlie Knight Instagram | 0_lez_1

FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2021


Melody Lee |

Melody Lee has an insatiable passion and rich vision for her life that consists of constant renewal and rebirth as she explores the depths of her inner as well as her outer life. She considers herself a student of life- for the rest of her life, while encouraging others to explore the same. As a local artist in Nashville, a certified life purpose coach and therapeutic art coach, her mission is to guide others in their own quest to live a more meaningful and purpose driven life. She believes each of us has something to offer the world as well as lessons and blessings we are meant to receive from others.

This pattern, she believes, is what can truly drive humanity forward. As people learn to live intuitively from their heart center, the world becomes a more peaceful and loving place.

That is her vision for the world.


CONNECT with Melody Lee:

Email |

Facebook | Garden of MEden

Facebook | Art by Melody Lee

Etsy | Tide and Sky Creations 

NEW IN 2021!        ReSounding Wholeness | Wisdom Of The Elders

Returning to listening to and respecting the life experience and wisdom of a vital resource in our nation. Our Elders.

FEBRUARY 26, 2021


Lyn Norris Hayes |

Lyn Norris Hayes’ professional career spanned thirty years with South Central Bell as a communications specialist. After retiring in 1996, Lyn built two arts organizations in the Nashville area focusing on visual and performing art; the Nashville African American Artists Association, known as N4Art, and Creative Artists of Tennessee (CATs).

These organizations centered around awarding a national grant from BlackSide Corporation, makers of the award-winning documentary Eyes on the Prize. This grant generated a year-long project entitled I’ll Make Me A World, culminating in multimedia production at the famed Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN.

I’ll Make Me A World is a one hundred year retrospect of African American Art and its influence on American history and culture. Hayes was the first African American to lease the Ryman facility and was presented a commemorative coin in recognition of her efforts.

In 2004 Hayes turned her attention to spiritual matters, answering the call the preach, becoming an Ordained Elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Hayes completed a Master of Divinity with High Honors in 2013 at Memphis Theological Seminary. Hayes completed a Doctor of Ministry emphasis preaching in May of 2020 from the same institution.

Hayes pastored a congregation in Paris, Tennessee, from 2011 through 2014. In 2016, Hayes served as associate pastor and Interim pastor at the Church of the Living God until December 2020.

Hayes is a community activist and art activist and has served with the African American Cultural Alliance through the African Street Festival, events centered around the Battle of Nashville and Kwanzaa Activities. Featured in the Kwanzaa Nashville 2020 film, I Am My Ancestor, Hayes is elevated to the honorific role of Queen Mother and speaks on the importance of faith in the African American community.

Hayes loves the spoken word through preaching, poetry, and the sharing of tales and stories. Her current focus is working toward the liberation of women in spiritual activities specifically centered around the right for women to deliver the word of God. Hayes no longer identifies with any particular faith system and is actively seeking ways to express her love of God and the universal creation.

Lyn is married to Ronald “Doc” Hayes and is the mother of five children. Being a mother is her greatest achievement and is known affectionately to many as “Mama Lyn.”

CONNECT with Lyn:


FEBRUARY 12, 2021


Tayla Scaife |


Tayla wants to live in a world filled with burning sage to get high; creating crazy ass memories with folks that “get it” while eating good food; and to spread and give love to those that need it most. As a jack-of-all-trades, only having mastered a couple, with more than 20 years of experience, she’s worked in social services, hospitality, radio, education, and the non-profit world. 


Tayla has created a new YouTube channel, Illuminated One where she shares very raw perspectives on random subjects. She is also working on various other projects. Tayla is a certified life coach, whose mission is to teach people how to connect with themselves on a deeper level, so they can have authentic and genuine connections with others.


CONNECT with Tayla:

Facebook | Tayla Scaife

YouTube | Illuminated One


ReSounding Wholeness | Wisdom Of The Elders

Returning to listening to and respecting the life experience and wisdom of a vital resource in our nation. Our Elders.

My 1st Special Guest for 2021 was Donna Patterson who currently lives in Nashville, TN and does important soul work at Scarritt Bennett Center. One of her daily practices includes this prayer.


“May I be safe, happy, healthy, wise, courageous, compassionate, forgiving, loving and respectful of myself, others, and the world. May I live in peace and be grateful.”


Repeat changing I to we for each:



all people everywhere




Rev. Dr. Donna Patterson |

Donna is a retired United Methodist Church Clergywoman, Educator, Anam Cara (Soul Friend), Mentor, Poet, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Donna has led workshops and retreats at both local and national levels on worship, spiritual formation, women’s spirituality, self-care, mental illness, medical ethics, and support for families and children with disabilities. She is a creative, curious, contemplative, and consummate learner. Donna is a graduate of Scarritt Graduate School, Iliff School of Theology and holds a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality and Story from Wesley Theological Seminary. Currently, she is serving as a Volunteer in the area of Soul Work Programming at Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, TN.


CONNECT with Donna:



I am super thrilled that my Mom, Phyllis Robb was the December ReSounding Wholeness Conversations Guest.


It meant so much to me for us to be able to BE in this experience together.

I know that there aren’t a lot of people out there that can share in this type of dialogue or even have their mothers still here to have a conversation like this. I feel very fortunate and grateful!


We have been meeting daily (virtually) for the last few months for the Sunrise Sound Circle. There has been so many beautiful "ah ha" moments between us that I thought it would be amazing to bring our dialogue to another level.

The paintings below are original watercolors Phyllis Robb painted in recent years. She reengaged with this aspect of her creative artistry later in life. I am so grateful she has!



Lori Knowles and I have been soul friends for a number of years. I had a profound session with her a few years back related to Ancestral Healing that resulted in our sharing and co-facilitating a number of powerful classes together. Her presence, insight and guidance has helped so many. Listen in as I talk to her about the journey to her Soul's Path and Purpose and the next chapter of service she is launching to help entrepreneurs and conscious organizations thrive during these challenging, changing times. 


Lori Knowles | "I help conscious companies develop mindful and empathic leaders who enhance the mission."


Lori Knowles has a childhood god-given gift of deep intuition and angelic guidance that informs her energy-healing modalities and leadership coaching style. She has always been able to tell why people hurt and what they could do about it.

Her intuitive coaching practice is devoted to helping entrepreneurs develop inner peace so that you lead with authenticity and empower your people through a self-care culture.

CONNECT with Lori:

Website |

FaceBook |

Instagram |


Brian Hall and I worked together many moons ago at Digidesign (the company that created ProTools). He and I have stayed connected over the years through Facebook. I am amazed at how he is transforming his life. Committed to doing what he loves and stepping out to share his creative genius with the world.  Join us as we chat about following our soul's calling, leaving the "main stream" behind and blazing new trails.


Brian Hall | “Be honest with yourself about who you are and never apologize for who you are.”


I Am a Passionate Artist, Musician, Philosopher, Humanist. Aka. Brian ~ The Time Traveler.
Owner of BGH Media Worx.


Brian Hall comes from a family where art and music were encouraged and he found out that it was a great way to deal many issues. Brian is what he calls “a natural artist.” His art is a pastiche of different styles. He makes original statements. Brian sees beautiful in everything and uses many different mediums to achieve his ends. Brian has a definite style, yet everything he creates looks different. His art isn’t afraid to talk about things that other people may find offensive, not to upset anyone, but to express all the feelings a person can.


“I want to be seen and heard by the world.”

A.WO.L Magazine, Issue 1 |  Brian Hall Featured

CONNECT with Brian:

Instagram |

FaceBook |

Website |

Use This Picture.jpeg


For the 2nd ReSounding Wholeness Conversation I had the sincere pleasure of having Sonia Fernandez Le Blanc interview me.  It was a very lively conversation regarding our connection and my path to creating Frame Drum Wisdom and this new portal of ReSounding Wholeness. Sonia is an incredible force to be reckoned with and a sincere joy for me to be in the presence of.  I hope you enjoy our discussion.


Karen Renée Robb |

Karen Renée Robb spent 25 years in the corporate realm, working for well-known companies including Apple Computer, Digidesign (creator of Pro Tools), Gibson Guitar, and Griffin Technology. In the summer of 2012, after researching music therapy for Griffin, Karen Renée felt a deep inner calling to use her unique talents, experience, and expertise to advocate for and participate in live sound and music healing modalities. After leaving her corporate career, she founded Frame Drum Wisdom in February 2013.


Karen Renée is a vocal and visual artist with over 30 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for live sound, creativity and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm and creative expression through the use of the frame drum.
A mid-wife for the souls expression, Karen Renée brings her whole self into the experiences she facilitates. Helping to awaken and support others in meaningful, memorable ways, she makes the Healing Arts accessible and a vital part of personal growth and spiritual development. Karen Renée is also a Sound & Reiki Clinician, Reiki Master Teacher, Circle Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Universal Life Minister. Learn more about her and the experiences she offers at and


Instagram | @FrameDrumWisdom

FaceBook | under Frame Drum Wisdom, ReSounding Wholeness & Karen Renee Robb

BandCamp |

LinkedIn | Karen Renee Robb



Sonia Fernandez Le Blanc |

I’m a Storyteller. A Writer. Self Directed Learning Advocate. A Community Builder. A Systems Disruptor/Re-Creator with a penchant for the mystical. I’m on a journey of radical self awareness and I just launched my business, Revolutions: All Definitions Apply, where I serve as guide for those who feel called to journey with me. 


Revolutions consists of courses, one-on-one connections, and a podcast focused on our revolutionary journeys in radical self and soul awareness so that we can better know, live, tell, and honor our own stories. These stories are curative elixirs that can offer us personal and ancestral healing within.
When we truly know ourselves and our stories, we begin to transform into the matriarchal elders that our vastly changing society needs and deserves. We are the bridge generations who will hold space for and support our living and future descendants at the end of an era we neither ushered forth nor will be able to rectify. 


In this space, I serve as a guide offering stories, insights, practices, and conversations on balancing body, mind, and soul, which in turn roots us to the earth while raising us into the divine. We hold both in equilibrium. That is the revolution. 


Root down. Rise up. To the Revolutions: All Definitions Apply.

Instagram | @soel_fetole

Website/Podcast |

FaceBook |



The 1st ReSounding Wholeness Conversation was held with Andrea Garris. A woman I have been following on Instagram for awhile now, who I find very fascinating. I think you will too.


A.L.Garris  ~ The Woman Who Walks With Angels 

Surrounded by Holy Light, connecting individuals with their authentic power liberating their lives.

~  Sacred Quantum Connection Facilitator

~  Code Carrier 

~  Key Holder 

~  Gateway Facilitator

~  Reiki Master 

~  Intuitive Healer & Reader 

~  Light Language Activations 

~  Soul Song Toning for calibration 

~  DNA Restoration 

~  Multidimensional Connections


CONNECT with A.L.Garris on Instagram at @a.l.garris,on YouTube HERE and at


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