In a world that idolizes celebrities, gurus, athletes, fashion, the latest trends, technology, media and more, it is our goal to highlight human beings who are sharing their unique, incredible, soul's purpose and service in the world.

While they may not have the biggest following, these courageous beings are making an incredible impact in the world. Creating energetic ripples that will collectively serve to move mountains and reshape the future of humanity on this planet.

We hope to encourage and inspire more people to reconnect with their unique gifts; step into their True Soul's Calling; take actions to serve humanity; and be a way-shower at this pivotal time in history and herstory.

These conversations will be held via FaceBook Live on my personal FaceBook page Karen Renee Robb.


For the 2nd ReSounding Wholeness Conversation I had the sincere pleasure of having Sonia Fernandez Le Blanc interview me.  It was a very lively conversation regarding our connection and my path to creating Frame Drum Wisdom and this new portal of ReSounding Wholeness. Sonia is an incredible force to be reckoned with and a sincere joy for me to be in the presence of.  I hope you enjoy our discussion.


Karen Renée Robb |

Karen Renée is a vocal and visual artist with over 30 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for live sound, creativity and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm and creative expression through the use of the frame drum. A mid-wife for the souls expression, Karen Renée brings her whole self into the experiences she facilitates. Helping to awaken and support others in meaningful, memorable ways, she makes the Healing Arts accessible and a vital part of personal growth and spiritual development. Karen Renée is also a Sound & Reiki Clinician, Reiki Master Teacher, Circle Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Universal Life Minister. Learn more about her and the experiences she offers at and


Instagram | @FrameDrumWisdom

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Sonia Fernandez Le Blanc |

I’m a Storyteller. A Writer. Self Directed Learning Advocate. A Community Builder. A Systems Disruptor/Re-Creator with a penchant for the mystical. I’m on a journey of radical self awareness and I just launched my business, Revolutions: All Definitions Apply, where I serve as guide for those who feel called to journey with me. 


Revolutions consists of courses, one-on-one connections, and a podcast focused on our revolutionary journeys in radical self and soul awareness so that we can better know, live, tell, and honor our own stories. These stories are curative elixirs that can offer us personal and ancestral healing within.
When we truly know ourselves and our stories, we begin to transform into the matriarchal elders that our vastly changing society needs and deserves. We are the bridge generations who will hold space for and support our living and future descendants at the end of an era we neither ushered forth nor will be able to rectify. 


In this space, I serve as a guide offering stories, insights, practices, and conversations on balancing body, mind, and soul, which in turn roots us to the earth while raising us into the divine. We hold both in equilibrium. That is the revolution. 


Root down. Rise up. To the Revolutions: All Definitions Apply.

Instagram | @soel_fetole

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The 1st ReSounding Wholeness Conversation was held with Andrea Garris. A woman I have been following on Instagram for awhile now, who I find very fascinating. I think you will too.


A.L.Garris  ~ The Woman Who Walks With Angels 

Surrounded by Holy Light, connecting individuals with their authentic power liberating their lives.

~  Sacred Quantum Connection Facilitator

~  Code Carrier 

~  Key Holder 

~  Gateway Facilitator

~  Reiki Master 

~  Intuitive Healer & Reader 

~  Light Language Activations 

~  Soul Song Toning for calibration 

~  DNA Restoration 

~  Multidimensional Connections


Connect with A.L.Garris on Instagram at @a.l.garris,on YouTube HERE and at


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